Alun Cennyth Stokes

stokea1 at mcmaster dot ca

alunsto99 at gmail dot com

I study number theory (dessins d'enfants) at McMaster University with the intent to undertake my viva voce in April of 2023.

Please, enjoy (or don't, as the mood may take you) a CV


Or, should the mood strike you should check out the library

A desgree 10 dessin d'enfant which, if clicked upon, reveals the necessary data to determine its Belyi map and the number field over which it is defined.

and welcome yourself to the A.C. Stokes Jazz Lounge, Furniture Emporium, and Graveyard for Nasty and Rude Dessins That Refuse to Behave Nicely™; please make yourself at home (but not on the couch --- it holds puzzles), and keep an eye on that sketchy looking dessin....

It's a very nice red couch that, if sat on, would drop you into a particularly nasty Diophantine equation. I say go for it.